Blood On His Hands Review – Jessica Belmont

“The characters were fantastic. They were very clearly written in a way to feel real. I felt like I was part of the team, knowing the characters like friends.”

Blood On His Hands Review – NB magazine

“I can see this book translating well to the little screen as a series like Line of Duty maybe. There’s enough substance in it. And I think that was part of its appeal – there was a familiarity about it. Not in the sense that it was predictable or formulaic but, again paradoxically, given thatContinue reading “Blood On His Hands Review – NB magazine”

Blood On His Hand Review – Radzy Reads, Writes and Reviews

Thanks to Em for her review of Blood On His Hands, link to the full review below. “If you enjoy crime that’s investigative, fascinating, and unpredictable, without brutal killings or scare mongering, this is something to check out.”