The Steampunk Murder

When the body of Kendal Michelson, a leading light in the local Steampunk movement, is found on a popular seaside beach impaled by his own sword, the querulous Inspector Carmichael is reluctantly drawn into the curious and unfamiliar world of Steampunk.

This fast-moving whodunnit, based in the North West of England, sees McFadyen’s detective team pit their wits in one of their most taxing cases yet.

Who killed Kendal Michelson?

Do any of his seemingly-close friends or ex-partners know more than they are telling?

And what about Kendal’s father. Can the self-made confectionery millionaire give Carmichael a clue to help solve the mystery of his son’s death?

As Carmichael and his loyal team seek answers to these questions and the body-count rises, it’s clear that all is not quite how it appeared in the life of Kendal Michelson and his so-called friends.

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